Camoingaz Twister Micro Plus Stove


The Campingaz Twister Micro Plus stove is tiny yet powerful, you’ll always be able to find room for this single burner stove no matter how small your packing space.

This compact stove has 3 pot supports that fold together flat for transport, meaning that it takes up almost no room in your backpack whilst hiking and trekking.  Fully adjustable flame to control heat whilst cooking.

The Campingaz Twister Micro Plus stove easily attaches to Campingaz CV gas cartridges using the Easy-Clic Plus system. Push the stove gently onto the top of the CV cartridge’s valve and twist 45° left and you’re ready to cook.  The CV gas cartridges have a resealable valve system so that they can be easily and safely removed from your stove once you have used them to pack away for your next destination.

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