Endeavor RS IV 5-20X50 Rifle Scope


The NEW Endeavor RS IV 5-20×50 is extremely versatile. This scope is an operational leader for target shooting, varmint and predator hunting, and for sizing up any restricting details on antler size.  The 5-20X50MM platform is the perfect riflescope to accompany your time spent in your favorite whitetail stand, near a bean field, or while watching down the path or shooting lane of a sendero.  Advanced illuminated reticle patterns are offered in a Duplex and the NEW Dispatch™ Varmint ballistic reticle.  All Vanguard Dispatch™ reticles are designed by life-long shooters and optical engineers to deliver fast target holdover in an uncomplicated, user-friendly system.  The Dispatch™ Varmint works for close encounters, and accelerates for speed and precision to encompass longer distance shooting requirements. The Dispatch™ Varmint reticle is the ultimate close-to-long-distance reticle specifically designed for the popular fast moving calibers like the .22-250 REM, .220 Swift, .204 Ruger etc.  The Dispatch™ Varmint is specifically designed around the popular high velocity and lower bullet weights.  A 200 yard zero provides a smooth transition from zero to 600 yards. The reticle subtensions are a crisp and clean .125 inches for fine shot placement on small targets.  All of the above are augmented by a large 50MM objective lens size and illuminated reticle system that will eliminate any shooter sacrifice in low light situations afield. A matching matte black 2.5 inch 50MM sunshade to help improve target visibility by combating any unwanted glint or distracting glare from the sun will also soon be made available.


All Vanguard Endeavor riflescopes with the second image plane Dispatch™ reticle require being set to a specific magnification settings referred to as the Optimized Power Setting (OPS) to successfully use the holdover function.  The Dispatch™ ballistic calculator computes external input data like caliber, bullet weight, velocity, ballistic coefficient, elevation, temperature, humidity etc. to generate and display the OPS and the actual bullet drop at each distance.  All variables are combined to give the shooter the best possible result in speed and accuracy.  Dispatch™ reticles can be used in conjunction with almost any factory or hand load combination.  Factory ammo will be continually updated as new loads are introduced from the various ammunition manufacturers.

  • One Piece Solid Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
  • Four Times Zoom Factor
  • Premium HOYA ED Glass Provides True Color and Edge to Edge Clarity
  • Precise Windage & Elevation Adjustment with Zero Reset Feature
  • Advanced MultiGuard® Coatings for Higher Light Transmittance
  • Hard and Durable Anodized Finish
  • Rapid Focus Eyepiece
  • Illuminated Reticle
  • Protective caps, neoprene cover, and cleaning cloth included

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Endeavor RS IV 5-20X50 Rifle Scope

Availability: 1 in stock

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