Magnum Elk Hunter


The Magnum Elk Hunter stands out with its well-balanced blade length, offering an ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality. This gracefully designed knife features a stainless 440A blade that not only provides excellent performance but also showcases its visual appeal.

The handle of the Magnum Elk Hunter is crafted from tropical Rosewood, known for its elegant appearance and the smoothness of its fine-pored surface. This carefully processed Rosewood handle adds a touch of sophistication to the knife. Additionally, the knife is equipped with a lanyard hole, allowing for the attachment of a cord or lanyard to enhance its versatility and ease of carry.

To complement its premium quality, the Magnum Elk Hunter comes with a high-quality leather sheath. This sheath not only ensures the safe storage of the knife but also adds to its overall appeal and protection.

Experience the impressive blend of style and functionality with the Magnum Elk Hunter, featuring an ideal blade length and a captivating stainless 440A blade. Its Rosewood handle, refined through meticulous processing, delivers both visual elegance and a smooth grip. With the added convenience of a lanyard hole and a high-quality leather sheath, this knife is a remarkable choice for outdoor enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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Brand: Magnum Type: Fixed Blade Knives Overall Length: 22.00 inches Blade Length: 11.00 inches Blade Thickness: 0.15 inches Weight: 5.57 ounces Blade Material: 440A stainless steel Handle Material: Burl Wood Made in: Asia Color: Brown Blade Color: Uncoated Sheath Material: Leather

The Magnum fixed blade knives are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability. The specific model in question boasts an impressive overall length of 22.00 inches, with a substantial blade length of 11.00 inches. The blade thickness measures 0.15 inches, ensuring durability and strength for various cutting tasks.

Crafted from reliable 440A stainless steel, the blade delivers outstanding performance and is left uncoated, showcasing its natural blade color. The handle of the knife is skillfully made from burl wood, providing a unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The natural brown color of the handle adds a touch of sophistication to the knife’s overall design.

These fixed blade knives are proudly made in Asia, where meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail are hallmarks of their production. The knife’s weight is measured at 5.57 ounces, ensuring a balanced feel and ease of use.

To protect and carry the knife, a high-quality leather sheath is included. This sheath not only offers secure storage but also adds to the knife’s appeal and functionality.

Experience the remarkable quality and craftsmanship of the Magnum fixed blade knives, featuring an impressive size, durable 440A stainless steel blade, and a stunning burl wood handle. With its uncoated blade and leather sheath, this knife is designed to meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Magnum Elk HunterMagnum Elk Hunter

Availability: 1 in stock

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