Radians HSH0269CS Hushies Passive Infant/Toddler Earmuffs


Introducing Radians HSH0269CS Hushies Passive Infant/Toddler Earmuffs in a vibrant purple color, designed to provide optimal hearing protection for very young children.

The Radians Hushies Infant/Toddler Earmuffs are ideal for shielding your child’s hearing from loud noises at various events and gatherings. Whether you’re attending sporting events, concerts, or family gatherings, these earmuffs offer reliable protection in a comfortable and adjustable design.

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Designed specifically for infants and toddlers up to 3 years old, these passive earmuffs feature a lightweight and adjustable headband with padding for enhanced comfort. The adjustable headband ensures a secure and custom fit, accommodating your child’s growth and providing a comfortable wearing experience.

The smooth foam earpads of the Hushies earmuffs offer a soft and gentle fit over your child’s ears. The foam pads provide a snug seal, helping to reduce external noise effectively and protect your child’s sensitive hearing.

With their lightweight design, these earmuffs are easy for young children to wear and won’t cause discomfort or strain during extended periods of use.

Choose Radians Hushies Passive Infant/Toddler Earmuffs in the beautiful purple color to safeguard your young child’s hearing. With their passive noise reduction and thoughtful design, these earmuffs provide a protective barrier against loud noises while ensuring comfort and a secure fit. Trust in Radians’ commitment to quality and performance to keep your child’s hearing protected in various environments.

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