Rail-Mount Firearm Light & Red Laser Combo

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Introducing the RM230LSR Rail-Mount Firearm Light & Red Laser Combo, a powerful and versatile accessory designed to enhance your firearm’s capabilities. This combo unit combines a high-intensity white light with a red laser sight, providing optimal visibility and precision targeting in various situations.

With a staggering output of 230 lumens, the intense white light emitted by the RM230LSR is specifically engineered to overpower an aggressor’s night-adapted vision. Whether you’re in military, law enforcement, or engaging in self-defense, this light is designed to give you the advantage in low-light environments.

The red laser sight adds another layer of accuracy to your shooting experience. It allows for quick and precise target acquisition, enhancing your overall shooting performance. This feature is especially useful for quick response scenarios where split-second decisions matter.

The RM230LSR is designed to be easily mounted on a firearm’s rail system, ensuring a secure and stable attachment. Its rugged construction and reliable performance make it a suitable companion for tactical missions, law enforcement operations, or personal protection.

This rail-mounted combo unit is engineered with durability and reliability in mind. It is built to withstand harsh conditions and recoil, ensuring consistent performance when it matters most.

Equip yourself with the RM230LSR Rail-Mount Firearm Light & Red Laser Combo for superior visibility and precision targeting. Whether you’re in the military, law enforcement, or concerned about personal defense, this powerful combination of intense white light and a red laser sight will give you the tactical advantage you need in low-light situations. Trust in its durability and performance to enhance your shooting capabilities and dominate any scenario.

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  • High (230 lumens): 2 Hours / 110 Meters
  • Low (46 lumens): 4.25 Hours / 45 Meters
  • Strobe (230 lumens): 2 Hours / 110 Meters
  • Laser (<5mW, 650nm): 21 Hours / 412 Meters
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; water and impact-resistant
  • Patented Universal Rail Mount System
  • Anti-recoil locking
  • Adjustable hinge mount design; no tools required
  • For rail-equipped pistols and long guns; does not fit subcompacts
  • Dual-side ON/OFF power buttons for light
  • Separate ON/OFF button for laser
  • Laser adjustment Allen tool included
  • 1 x CR123A battery included
  • Weight: 0.2375 lbs
  • (L) 3.125” x (W) 1.25” x (H) 2.125”
Rail-Mount Firearm Light & Red Laser ComboRail-Mount Firearm Light & Red Laser Combo
R1,412.00 R1,270.80

Availability: 478 in stock

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