RAM Cartridge Storage Box .270/.30-06


The RAM Cartridge Storage Box designed specifically for .270 and .30-06 caliber cartridges. This storage box offers a secure and organized solution for storing and transporting your ammunition.

With a capacity to hold up to 50 rounds of .270 or .30-06 caliber cartridges, the RAM Cartridge Storage Box keeps your ammunition conveniently stored in one place. The durable construction of the box ensures that your cartridges are protected from damage, moisture, and dust, preserving their reliability and performance.

The compact size and sturdy design of the storage box make it easy to carry and fit comfortably in range bags or backpacks. The hinged lid securely locks into place, preventing accidental spills or openings during transportation.

Each round is held securely in its individual slot within the box, preventing movement and minimizing the risk of damage. The clear, see-through design of the box allows for quick identification of the ammunition type and quantity without the need to open it.

Organize and protect your .270 and .30-06 caliber cartridges with the RAM Cartridge Storage Box. Whether you’re heading to the range, participating in competitions, or storing ammunition for future use, this storage box provides a convenient, reliable, and safe solution. Trust in the RAM Cartridge Storage Box to keep your ammunition in optimal condition and readily accessible when you need it.

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