Tactical Grip with 260 Lumen FLX Flashlight

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The BARSKA BA11878 Tactical Grip with 260 Lumen FLX Flashlight offers a versatile and reliable lighting solution with added stability and control. Whether for tactical operations, outdoor adventures, or home defense, this flashlight and grip combo can enhance your shooting experience.

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The BARSKA BA11878 Tactical Grip with 260 Lumen FLX Flashlight offers enhanced stability and control for your firearm. It combines a powerful flashlight with an integrated tactical grip, providing a versatile solution for various applications. Here are some key features of the BARSKA BA11878 Tactical Grip:

  1. Bright 260 Lumen LED Flashlight: The flashlight delivers a bright output of 260 lumens, ensuring clear visibility in low-light conditions. This level of brightness is suitable for a wide range of tactical and outdoor activities.
  2. Disorienting Strobe Mode: The flashlight includes a disorienting strobe mode, which can be useful for self-defense purposes or as a signaling tool.
  3. Ambidextrous Push Button On/Off Switch: The flashlight features an ambidextrous push button switch, allowing for easy operation regardless of your shooting hand preference.
  4. Quick Attachment and Detachment: The tactical grip and flashlight can be quickly attached and detached from most Weaver/Picatinny-style rails. This provides convenience and flexibility when mounting the flashlight on different firearms.
  5. Lightweight and Durable Construction: The BARSKA BA11878 is constructed from tough yet lightweight aluminum, ensuring durability while keeping the overall weight manageable.
  6. Compact Size: With a height of 5.25 inches, the flashlight and grip combination maintains a compact profile that won’t add excessive bulk to your firearm.
  7. Battery Included: The package includes two CR123 batteries, providing the necessary power to operate the flashlight right out of the box.
Tactical Grip with 260 Lumen FLX FlashlightTactical Grip with 260 Lumen FLX Flashlight
R1,943.00 R1,748.70

Availability: 1 in stock

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