Ultraedge Compact 2-Way Sharpener


The Ultraedge Compact 2-Way Sharpener is a portable and handheld tool designed for sharpening knives. It features two sharpening surfaces: Tungsten-Carbide and Ceramic, offering versatility in achieving a sharp edge.

This sharpener is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It is designed for handheld use, allowing you to sharpen your knives without the need for a stable surface or clamps.

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To use the Ultraedge Compact 2-Way Sharpener, hold the knife securely and place the blade against the appropriate sharpening surface. It is recommended to sharpen the knife in one direction, pulling it vertically from the heel to the tip towards you. Once you reach the tip, lift the knife and repeat the same motion in the same direction. This technique helps maintain consistency and ensures effective sharpening.

The non-skid feet of the sharpener provide stability and safety during the sharpening process, preventing the sharpener from slipping or moving while in use.

It’s important to note that when using this sharpener, avoid pulling and pushing the blade in different directions as it may lead to inconsistent results and potentially damage the blade.

The Ultraedge Compact 2-Way Sharpener offers a simple and effective solution for keeping your knives sharp. It is recommended to follow the provided instructions for best results and to ensure safe usage.

Ultraedge Compact 2-Way SharpenerUltraedge Compact 2-Way Sharpener

Availability: 488 in stock

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