Ultraedge Suction 3-Way Sharpener


The Ultraedge Suction 3-Way Sharpener is a versatile tool designed for safe and effective sharpening of knives. It features T/C Diamond and Ceramic sharpening surfaces to provide different options for achieving a sharp edge.

This sharpener is equipped with suction cups at the base, allowing you to securely attach it to a flat surface for stability during use. This ensures that the sharpener stays in place while you sharpen your knives, enhancing safety and ease of use.

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To sharpen your knife using the Ultraedge Suction 3-Way Sharpener, it is recommended to follow a simple technique. Hold the knife handle firmly and place the blade against the appropriate sharpening surface. Then, with a consistent pressure, pull the knife vertically from the heel to the tip in one direction, towards you. Lift the knife and repeat the same motion in the same direction. This technique helps maintain consistency and ensures efficient sharpening.

The T/C Diamond surface is suitable for initial sharpening and repairing of dull or damaged blades, while the Ceramic surface provides a fine finishing touch for a razor-sharp edge. By utilizing both surfaces, you can achieve optimal results based on your specific sharpening needs.

The Ultraedge Suction 3-Way Sharpener offers a simple, effective, and user-friendly solution for keeping your knives sharp. It is recommended to read and follow the instructions provided with the sharpener for best results and to ensure safe usage.

Ultraedge Suction 3-Way SharpenerUltraedge Suction 3-Way Sharpener

Availability: 261 in stock

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