Vanguard Veo 2 Go 204AB Aluminium Tripod


VANGUARD VEO 2 GO 204AB ALUMINIUM TRIPOD is a compact and lightweight, 20mm, 4 section aluminum travel tripod kit with a compact ball head optimized to carry camera capacities up to 3kg / 6.6lbs.  Designed to be able to be taken on-the-go the VANGUARD VEO 2 GO 204AB ALUMINIUM TRIPOD provides a lot of versatility from sitting level shooting while being able to be extended up to 130cm/51.2 inches.

Designed for Mirrorless, Bridge and smartphone cameras this smooth tripod works well in both portrait and landscape modes.  The ARCA compatible ball head T-45 is easy to use and its large lock/unlock knob allows for quick efficient setup.  The QS-64 mounts quickly and efficiently and is equipped to stay on the bottom of your camera so that you can be ready to use your tripod in a blink of an eye.   Extra QS-64 plates are available for multiple camera users.

Shooting at the beach, in dirty conditions while taking landscape images or seizing unexpected moments of wildlife take your VEO 2 GO tripod anywhere.  Windy?  No problem.  Mount a camera bag or additional weight to the retractable hook located at the base of the center column.   Clean-up is a snap too! The new open to click twist leg locks allow for easy fresh water rinsing after working in most demanding environments.   VEO 2 GO goes everywhere!

  • Sturdy Ball Head T-45 with large ergonomic knobs optimized to support working loads up to 3kg/6.6lbs.
  • Arca compatible QR plate. QS-64.
  • Secure head lock system and top plate on the central column.
  • All parts are aluminum alloy machined (CNC).
  • 2 section telescopic center column with 1 static section for great stability.
  • Added retractable hook to assist in weighing down the tripod when desired.
  • Independent Leg positioning at 3 different angles (21°, 50°, 80°) for greater adaptation to uneven terrain and to shoot more creative pictures.
  • Non-slip, all-weather TPU grip on 1 leg.
  • Round rubber feet allow for easy set up on different types of terrain.

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Veo 2 GO 204AB Aluminium Tripod


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VANGUARD VEO 2 GO 204AB ALUMINIUM TRIPODVanguard Veo 2 Go 204AB Aluminium Tripod

Availability: 2 in stock

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