303 Frombola Super Metal Slingshot

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The 303 Frombola Super Metal Slingshot with Wrist Brace Box is a reliable and effective tool for slingshot enthusiasts. Its solid metal construction, wrist support, replaceable rubber bands, and comfortable handle make it suitable for accurate and enjoyable shooting experiences.

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The 303 Frombola Super Metal Slingshot with Wrist Brace Box is a high-quality slingshot designed for improved stability and accuracy. Here are the features of this slingshot:

  1. Solid Metal Design: The slingshot is constructed with a solid metal frame, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The robust design allows for reliable and powerful shots.
  2. Wrist Support: This slingshot features a wrist brace, providing additional support and stability during use. The wrist brace helps in maintaining a steady grip and enhances accuracy while aiming and firing.
  3. Replaceable Rubber: The slingshot comes with replaceable rubber bands, allowing you to easily replace them when needed. This ensures consistent power and performance, even with prolonged use.
  4. Easy Grip Comfortable Handle: The slingshot is designed with an easy-grip handle, offering a comfortable and secure hold. This ergonomic design allows for improved control and reduces hand fatigue during extended shooting sessions.


303 Frombola Super Metal Slingshot303 Frombola Super Metal Slingshot
R353.00 R317.70

Availability: 402 in stock

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