Super Metal Slingshot


The 304 Super Metal Slingshot Box is a reliable and sturdy slingshot option, designed for both recreational and outdoor activities. Its solid metal construction, replaceable rubber bands, and comfortable handle make it a practical choice for slingshot enthusiasts.

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The 304 Super Metal Slingshot Box by Frombola is a slingshot designed for durability and comfort. Here are the key features of this slingshot:

  1. Solid Metal Design: The slingshot is constructed with a solid metal frame, which provides strength and durability. This ensures that the slingshot can withstand regular use and maintain its performance over time.
  2. Replaceable Rubber: The slingshot comes with replaceable rubber bands, allowing you to easily replace them when they wear out or lose elasticity. This ensures that you can continue using the slingshot without having to purchase a completely new unit.
  3. Easy Grip Comfortable Handle: The slingshot features an easy-grip handle that provides a comfortable and secure hold. This ergonomic design allows for better control and accuracy when aiming and shooting.


Super Metal SlingshotSuper Metal Slingshot

Availability: 390 in stock

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