Honey Badger Wharncleaver D2 Small


Honey Badger Wharncleaver D2 Small frictionless opening and closing action, facilitated by two opposing roller bearings containing a total of 18 ball bearings, very few knives ever achieve such an immaculate action, and makes using them a real pleasure.

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Superbly designed to be tough.
• Honey comb pattern for multi-directional grip.
• Light and Slim• Resistant to slipping even if wet
• Fit ergonomically in the hand
• D2 Steel
• Handle FRN (Fibre Reinforced Nylon)
• Longer Cutting edge
• Reversible pocket clip


  • Overall Length: 16.6cm
  • Blade Length: 7.1cm
  • Closed Length: 9.4cm
  • Weight: 70g


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Honey Badger Wharncleaver D2 SmallHoney Badger Wharncleaver D2 Small
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