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Ramrod Universal Cleaning Kit


The RAM Ramrod Universal Cleaning Kit is a massive kit that includes just about everything you will need to clean and maintain multiple rifle calibers. It is designed for the most popular calibers.

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  • All in one kit for all Calibers
  • Designed for some of the most popular calibers
  • Shotgun and pistol adaptable
  • Includes carry case


Package Includes

  • 5 Section Take Down Steel Gun Cleaning Rods With Rotating Handle.
  • Gun Cleaning Bristle Brush (with Large and Small Bristle Sections)
  • Phosphor Bronze Brush .22
  • Phosphor Bronze Brush .30
  • Phosphor Bronze Brush 12G
  • Aluminum Jag .22
  • Aluminum Jag .30
  • Wool Mop 12G
  • Cleaning Patches
  • Trisol Gun Oil/Solvet 50ml
  • Adaptor (English Thread) Small
  • Adaptor (English Thread) Medium
  • Adaptor (English Thread) Large


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