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True Utility Tinytorch


True Utility TinyTorch is an unbelievably small torch, especially considering the amount of light that it produces. 52mm in length, 17mm in width and weighing 18g, this torch can produce an impressive 8+ lumens of light for 50 hours!

This light is all produced by two powerful 5mm ‘cats eyes’ LED’s. To operate the the light function, simply use the on/off push button.

TinyTorch is crafted from anodised aluminium, but also uses machine milled knurling for anti-slip grip, making the torch comfortable and easy to handle.

As with all our products, this pocket-sized torch comes with a weatherproof and solid giftbox, ideal for putting your valuables in.

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1-Knurled easy grip detailing
2-Anodised aluminium body
3-Strong ‘D’ ring
4-Knurled easy grip detailing
5-The perfect key ring torch
6-Dual bright white ‘cats eye’ led bulbs


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